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Meet The Aura Condos Superstitious Little Sister, YC Condos

The Aura Condos, Canada's tallest residential building at 78-storeys, is about to get a shorter little sister just down the street. The YC Condos currently under pre-construction is a staggering black and white patterned 66-storey building coming to Yonge and College Street. Also designed by Graziani + Corazza Architects, the building will have 599 units unlike the Aura which has 985 suites including one 11,370 square foot penthouse listed for $17 million. The YC Condos could be one lucky condo; the building will skip floors 13, 14, 24, 34, 44, and 54 for superstitious connotations. It's common for builders to skip "unlucky" floors for those who refuse to live on the 13th floor. In Richmond Hill, developers have skipped numbers four and 13 in community addresses (in Cantonese and Mandarin "four" sounds like the word death). York Region city council voted last year to avoid using the number four after the Chinese community voiced several complaints. One homeowner who lived at number 44 was unable to sell the house after 10 months on the market. A superstitious homeowner can apply to the city for a suffix change, adding 4B to their address.
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