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So Long Sears, Hello Nordstrom: More US-Based Retail Therapy On Its Way

With the aisles at Sears' doomed Eaton Centre location looking more and more like the dying hours of a huge rummage sale, today's confirmation that US retailer Nordstrom is moving into the Yonge/Dundas anchor spot must have come as a huge relief to mall management. But will Canadian customers feel the same affection for Nordie's as their American counterparts? Judging from the reaction on Twitter, Toronto shoppers 1. Aren't going to miss Sears much, and 2. are giddy to see the big US chain move in:

With HBC bringing Saks to Toronto, and off-and-on rumours of Macy's entering the Canadian market as well, the local department-store scene is going to look more and more like any American city's (up on Bloor Street, Holt's waves its manicured hand and calls "up here! we're still here!"). Sears will remain at the Eaton Centre until Feb. 28; Nordstrom will arrive in 2016. Are you excited to see Nordstrom taking over the old Eaton's spot?
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