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UPDATE: Rachel McAdams Could be Fined For Not Shovelling

↑ Above, is a photo of Rachel McAdams' sidewalk following the weekend's balmy weather. Still icy. OMG. Curbed's biggest read story last week was the "explosive" post about movie star Rachel McAdams' icy sidewalk. The actress who lives in the Annex neighbourhood with her brother hasn't shovelled all year, or so it seems. After the milder weather over the weekend, we expected to see her sidewalk in better conditions but the ice covering her public walkway was still extremely slippery.

One Curbed reader believes it's unfair to pick on the actress for not shovelling her path. She writes:

It's not fair to single anyone out this week. It has been a terrible week for ice and even the most law abiding have ice on their sidewalks due to the fact salt was sold out in the entire GTA. For many residents, McAdams just represents one of many homeowners who hasn't been shovelling this winter. Icy sidewalks are a safety hazard to those in the community, making the side streets unwalkable in a very walkable city. Whether the homeowner is on vacation (or attending the Golden Globes), their property is still their responsibly. Snow must be removed within 12 hours of a snowfall or face a fine from the city. Know of another celebrity or neighbour who refuses to shovel? Send it to the tipline at As always, all tips remain anonymous.
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