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THIS JUST IN: Rachel McAdams Doesn't Shovel Her Sidewalk!

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OMG. Annex resident and movie star Rachel McAdams has been neglecting her icy sidewalk since the recent deep freeze in the city. The actress who lives with her brother in a semi-detached Victorian-style home in South Harbord Village has a sidewalk caked with ice and snow. Although it seems the actress is rarely in town, homeowners are still responsible for shovelling the property outside their residence and can be fined by the city for neglecting to shovel. Her sidewalk is now almost unwalkable on the slippery side street, (yes, that's her real sidewalk pictured above). Come on, McAdams. There's no star treatment in this city. Grab your shovel! Officials are now saying that salt won't even help the layers of ice on the sidewalks and the city is using beet juice to clear the streets. The actress might be in luck over the weekend; the temperature is supposed to increase to a balmy +7 degrees. Expect to see Torontonians wearing t-shirts and flip flops.
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