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Mini House Without Toilet Sells For $165,000

[Photo via Paul Vallis]

It's a done deal for this 210 square foot garage-turned-house at Greenwood and Coxwell. Cheaper than a condo but cuter than a shack, the buyer paid $165,000 for the 14-by-20 foot lot, originally priced at $229,000. The house has only one little room with a tiny living space, a wee bedroom and no kitchen or place to go... uhem...wee, wee. With no bathroom or stove, the new buyer will eventually rebuild or perhaps the home could be rented to a student on the condition they bring their own bedpan. The selling agent says that "the house comes with everything inside and out." Score. At least they don't use broker babble claiming that it's a great house for entertaining.

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