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Bungalow Linked to The Ford Crack Scandal Drops Its Price

An Etobicoke bungalow under police surveillance in connection to the Mayor Rob Ford crack scandal has dropped its price. The house at 82 Thirty Ninth St. was originally listed for $749,900 before dropping its price to $699,900. The house is owned by Antonio and Celia Lisi, the parents of Ford's pal Sandro Lisi. The recently renovated two-bedroom went on the market just days after police released the surveillance documents in October and apparently eager to sell, lowered the price within the month. (The other alleged crack house is located at 15 Windsor Road is not for sale). Lisi's parents purchased the house just last year; it's not believed they were living at the property. According to the realtor the house is a "must see" but fails to mention the Ford connection in his listing ad.
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