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Toronto's Creepiest Bed & Breakfast Listed For $3.8M

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[Photo via McDadi Homes]

From the outside, the 6,000 square foot bed and breakfast on Dovercourt Road seems charming with its ivy-covered brick and white picket fence. The inside, however, tells a completely different and slightly terrifying story. The historic house built in 1888 features a series of nine guest rooms, each with their own bizarre decor and eclectic furniture. The owners who are asking $3.750 million for the B&B dwelling of red-carpeted chambers, ornate sculptures, and perhaps a dungeon in the basement. The kitchen with its titled floors and wood cabinents is quite dull and normal in comparison to the rest of the house.

According to reviews of the "romantic B&B mansion," no one seemed that put off by the captivating interior decor. Virginia said the "B&B is the best I have stayed in!" while others called it "grandeur and magical." Another guest was clearly unhappy with his stay and said "given the choice of staying here again or sleeping in the train station, I'd choose the train station." Other guests were not as fond of the interior design commenting "the decor of the place has to be an acquired taste," "it was strange and unforgettable," and "nothing would ever describe this place as romantic." Perhaps a new acronym for this B&B should be bizarre and beer. Thankfully, there's some pubs nearby.

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