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Curbed Awards '13: Crazy Real Estate and Strange Houses

It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the real estate, architecture and neighbourhood universes of Toronto! Yep, it's time for the Curbed Awards! Today's topic: Crazy houses of the year.

We've seen some unusual houses on the real estate market including mega mansions with 14 bathrooms, a garage with hydraulic car lift and a palace in downtown Toronto with two indoor swimming pools. Today, we bring you this years unusual houses of Toronto.

Mini House Without Toilet, 30 Hanson Street
A 210 square foot garage-turned-house without a toilet or stove was listed for $229,000 and sold for $165,000. The mini house at Greenwood and Coxwell was cheaper than a condo and much cuter than a shack.

Monster House in Brampton, 443 Centre Street North
The city admitted to approving a building permit in error for a 6,600 square foot house on the quiet residential street. The owner was ordered to demolish the property or file an application with the city of adjustment. Previously, the largest house on the street was 2,000 square feet and residents thought the owner was building a Walmart. The house is not listed for sale, yet.

Parkdale's Vatican meets Barbie's Dream House, 208 Dunn Avenue
There was a buyer for the $2M over-the-top Parkdale mansion which recently sold under asking for $1.950M. Owned by the former owner of El Mocambo, the property had 70 security cameras, rooms named after the Virgin Mary and on-site chapel for daily household prayer. According to a Curbed reader, all proceeds (or perhaps a portion) of the sale goes to charity.

Bridle Path Mansion on Auction, 40 Park Lane Circle
A partially completed mansion in the Bridle Path that couldn't sell for $23M went on auction at the end of November. The owners ran out of money to finish renovations for the 27,000 square foot property, and the home is now owned by the bank. The house was sold conditionally on auction for an undisclosed amount until the sale is final.

Versailles de Vaughan, 40 Rocmary Place
The owners of an ornate mansion in Vaughan listed for $17.8M built their house to resemble a palace of Versailles. The couple spent five years building the house and later got married on the property, sharing their first wedding kiss on the balcony in front of 100 family and friends who were, for some reason, dressed in 18th century Venetian garb. The story of the Versailles de Vaughan mansion gained international headlines from CNN to the UK. The 24,000 square foot mansion remains on the real estate market with several showings over the last few months.
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