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Curbed Cup Final Two: (15) Kensington Market vs. (16) Cabbagetown

The Curbed Cup, Curbed Toronto's Neighbourhood of the Year tournament, is coming to an end. We're down to the Final Two and it's time to determine Toronto's best neighbourhood as determined by you. So let's vote!
Kensington Market and Cabbagetown beat out 16 Toronto neighbourhoods to get to the final two. Cabbagetown's Victorian homes and free zoo may leave you feeling like you've travelled back in time, but its busy cafes and bars will drag you back into the now. While Kensington and High Park were neck-in-neck, the independent market eventually beat out the park. Kensington Market is one of Toronto's most loyal and independent communities. With its artistic stores, cheese shops and fresh fruits and veggies, the area is equally lively in all seasons with streets closed off for Pedestrian Sundays in the summer and pubs, tacos and shopping in the winter. But which neighbourhood deserves the Curbed Cup Award? Vote now!
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