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5 Ridiculous Rooms From TO's Craziest Million Dollar Homes

There are some crazy mansions currently for sale around the city but these ridiculous rooms in Toronto's most elaborate million dollar homes take the cake. One property features a full indoor basketball court and swimming pool while another has a purple movie theatre fit for a king. There's also the mansion with the portrait of the Mona Lisa and a property where a former US president once dined. We've discovered when a mansion has one ridiculous room, there's bound to be another. Only the photos can really do it justice. Let's take a look, shall we?

↑ This property in Markham listed for $8.8 million is so exclusive that a former US president has dined there, along with actor Gregory Peck. The 11,000 square foot house features some notable rooms including a purple home theatre with its extraterrestrial ceiling, elaborate wine cellar and indoor basketball court. Any guesses on which former president was invited for dinner?

↑ Here's a four-bedroom near Bathurst and Finch Avenue listed for $2.498 million which features a hallway of art and a portrait of the Mona Lisa. The ceiling in the front foyer with its blue sky and clouds is reminiscent of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Oh, and there's also a time machine in the bedroom.

↑ This six-bedroom house listed for $3.598 million near Bayview and York Mills Road features some surprises on its elegant property. There's a second floor glass cut-out and another crazy-looking wine cellar.

↑ Next up we have this 21,000 square foot property near King City listed for $6.9 million. There's a full size indoor gymnasium/basketball court (which includes a trampoline) and horse stables with separate living quarters. The indoor pool might be larger than the waterpark at Great Wolf Lodge.

↑ Lastly, we have a six-bedroom house made of wood near King City. There's cathedral ceilings, a sauna and wet bar, and the garage alone has space for 10 cars. If that's not enough, there's a full bowling alley in the basement. What is this massive log cabin selling for? Only a cool $16.8 million. · On the Rental Market Archives [Curbed Toronto]
· On the Market Archives [Curbed Toronto]