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Curbed Cup Round 2: (16) Cabbagetown vs. (8) Danforth!

Week 2 begins with Cabbagetown battling it out against the Danforth for a shot at the prestigious 2013 Curbed Cup!

Strolling around Cabbagetown's Victorian homes and working farm may leave you feeling like you've travelled back in time, but its busy cafes and bars will drag you back into the now. On Parliament Street, Jet Fuel Coffee and the House on Parliament share the strip with the Flying Beaver Pubaret and The Local Gest (in the old Ben Wicks spot). Around the corner on Carlton, The Scullery serves up brunch Paris-style.

The Danforth might have a Greek soul, but you'll find Turkish, Brazilian, Cuban, and Ethiopian restaurants, just for a random geographic sample. Lots of shopping, too. For culture, take in a show at the funky old Danforth Music Hall, catch the Sunday afternoon trad (traditional Irish music) session at the Dora Keogh next door, or take in a concert by the Toronto Choral Society at Eastminster United Church.

Cabbagetown or Greektown? You decide!

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