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Curbed Cup Week 1: Toronto, the Mittens Are Off!

The first round of the prestigious 2013 Curbed Cup competition has come to a close, and results were sometimes nail-bitingly close, sometimes landslides. Cabbagetown bubble-and-squeaked past No.1-seeded Annex with 51.6% of the vote; other neighbourhoods galloped away with their rounds, like Kensington Market beating out Waterfront/Harbourfront with 92.3%. So little love for the lakeshore! No big surprises in a few of the other contests, like Leslieville besting Rosedale handily--maybe Rosedalers were too busy counting their Land Rovers to vote. Yonge and Eglinton lost out to the Danforth, perhaps proving once again that nothing beats a good souvlaki, and the Beach kicked sand in Yorkville's face with 53.1% of the vote.

What do you think of the results--did your neighbourhood make it through? Round 2 starts Monday.

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