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Crazy Oakville Manse With Winterized Spa Asking $12M

Our new feature, Monday Mansion, examines the most interesting mega homes on the market from downtown Toronto to the far reaches of the city. Have a listing in mind that we desperately need to check out? Send us a note to or tell us in the comments below.

[Photo via Sothebys]

↑ What you're looking at in the above photo is not a home office but one of six bathrooms in this mega mansion in Oakville. If you substitute the white bathtub with a desk the room could easily transform into an office with its dark wood walls and matching floors. This five-bedroom mansion overlooking Lake Ontario is asking $11.999M for this over-the-top property at 7,000 square feet. Inside, the decor gets interesting with its uniquely decorated rooms (like the blue bedroom with canopy) and finishing touches (check out the living room). Other features of the house include a wine cellar (similar to this crazy one we previously featured), extensive home gym with two treadmills and elliptical, outdoor fireplace, pool and at least five different areas for barbecuing. There's a winterized spa, cabana and manicured grounds that resemble a golf course. Annual taxes for the million dollar home are $53,618.

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