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Most Expensive Suite at The Windsor Arms Hotel, $2,000/Night

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[Photo via Windsor Arms]

Today in our series of Toronto's most expensive and luxurious hotel suites, we take you to the Windsor Arms, the city's classic hotel near Yorkville. The most expensive room at the Windsor Arms costs $2,000 per night which seems cheap in comparison to other pricey rooms we've featured like the Trump at $20K/night, the Shangri-La at $10K/night and the Ritz-Carlton for $6,000 nightly.

The Windsor Arms was known as Toronto's celebrity hot spot for almost three decades with celebs like Katharine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor gracing the lobby. The boutique hotel was the "it" place during the late 1970s and 80s with rooms fully booked during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Today, TIFF-goers head further downtown but the hotel continues to provide discreet luxury for those looking to stay out of the spotlight. Many of Toronto's most prominent chefs like Jamie Kennedy and Keith Froggett of Scaramouche, started their careers in the hotel's restaurant. The boutique hotel has only 28 suites with a full service spa, private screening room and three restaurants.

What do you get for $2,000 a night at the Windsor Arms?
The 1,550 square foot suite features a den, living room, dining room, powder room and master bedroom with ensuite. The master includes a baby grand piano, a fireplace, 24 hour butler service and complimentary breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Other perks: room service is 24 hours, in case you crave an 8oz steak at 4a.m. and you can bring your dog (as long as Spotty is house trained). · Toronto's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms Archives [Curbed Toronto]
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