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Curbed Reader Says Demolition Approved For Dragon Condos

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Last week, we posted a link about a possible stalled development for the Dragon Condos at Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street. The 10-storey building, supposed to be completed by early 2015, has yet to break ground and the phone number listed on the website is not in service. A rep from the development company says "the project is not stalled. They are currently doing demolition internally." What gives? According to the City of Toronto, the permit is now approved to demolish the existing four-storey cinema and parking garage. That's good news but we doubt the building will be completed by its estimated completion date.

Thanks to a Curbed reader who also provided an update:
"Demolition permit was approved by the City on Nov.1. Demolition should start any day now, though with some developers demolition may begin weeks or even months after they get their permit for various reasons." · Is Construction Really Beginning For The Dragon Condos? [Curbed Toronto]