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Is Bungalow Linked to Ford Scandal a Flip or Something Else?

As Curbed reported earlier, an Etobicoke bungalow linked to the Rob Ford crack scandal is now up for sale. The house at 82 Thirty-Ninth St. owned by Antonio and Celia Lisi, Sandro Lisi's parents, was purchased just last year. The house which was being renovated had been under 24-hour police surveillance, with a warrant to search the property. It is not believed that the Lisi family lived in the home. The property is currently listed for $749,900.

As you can see from the above photos, the house was recently renovated with a permit to build a detached garage in the back. Did the Lisi family purchase the property for a flip or was it used as another (alleged) crack house? Check out our close-up from the exterior of the house prior to the reno. There seems to be a mysterious Tim Hortons cup on the staircase. Of course, we're not implying anything but we all know that our mayor is a huge Timmy's fan. According to the City of Toronto's database, neighbours complained that the Lisi's property fence was too high and they were ordered to take it down or make it to code.

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