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Ritz-Carlton's Most Expensive Hotel Suite, $6K Per Night

Welcome to Curbed Toronto's luxury hotel series where we take a peek inside some of Toronto's most expensive (and awesome) hotel rooms. Today, we look at the Ritz-Carlton's most expensive and luxurious suite.

[Photo via Ritz-Carlton]

The most expensive hotel room in Toronto's Ritz-Carlton Hotel is $6,000 per night. That might seem cheap compared to other luxury hotels like the $10,000 a night suite at the Shangri-La Hotel. Opened in 2011, the Ritz-Carlton is one of the tallest hotels in Toronto with 53 floors. The hotel features dining options like the TOCA Restaurant and pampering services like its luxury spa. What do you get for $6,000 a night? Here's the room description:
The Ritz-Carlton's luxury 2,400 square foot suite is located on the hotel's 19th floor. The one bedroom features a king-size bed, separate dining and living area, and walk-in closet. The bathroom has a 19" HD television custom designed into the vanity mirror, and there's a separate fitness area with full cardio machines. The exclusive room gives access to the Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge with concierge service and complimentary food and beverages. Other room perks include garment pressing and shoe shine.

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