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Bungalow Belonging to Sandro Lisi's Parents Now For Sale

[Photo via RE/MAX ]

The house at 82 Thirty-Ninth Street, recently under police surveillance for Rob Ford's crack scandal, is up for sale. According to police documents, the house belongs to Antonio and Celia Lisi, Sandro Lisi's parents, and was purchased just last year. It is not believed that the family lived in the house. Curiously, the house went on the market just days after court documents were released and the two bedroom bungalow is listed for $749,900. Sandro, now known to Toronto as Mayor Rob Ford's friend and alleged extortionist, frequented the property.

According to the agent, the house is newly renovated and shows like a brand new home. You can't help but wonder if the reno was done before or after police searched the premise. One might be led to believe that the house might have been used as a hiding place, and since the location is now known to police, it's no longer required. If you're interested in the property, there's potential for extra income (the house includes a basement apartment). The agent photos are a bit blurry but the house seems vacant and the interior is spotless. Furthermore, we found no evidence of Ford paying the utility bills.

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