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David Copperfield's Tour Bus is Now The TTC's Command Centre

[Photo via Alana Charles]

A red and grey bus that was once owned by illusionist David Copperfield as his tour bus, now serves as the Toronto Transit Commission's (TTC) command bus. Copperfield's former tour bus which was purchased by the TTC in 2000, is used as the command centre in crisis situations and is equipped with desks, television, washroom and a power generator. Strangely, the bus hasn't been changed much since it was used by the famous magician with the exception of converting the former sleeping area to a row of desks and filing cabinets. The interior features built-in cabinetry and desks in solid oak. There's a small kitchenette where Copperfield probably made some alcoholic concoctions disappear during long road trips. The bathroom is tiny with room for only a toilet, sink and disappearing pocket door. The back of the bus has a large banquette seating area, fitting around 10 people comfortably.

The TTC's command bus was first deployed during the 2003 blackout that knocked out power for over 10 million residents in Ontario, and over 45 million residents in the US. The command centre bus was last used in September of 2012 when a TTC worker was accidentally killed on the job near Yorkdale while doing track repairs. Copperfield no longer needs his tour bus with a steady gig in Las Vegas, he's one of the highest paid performers on the strip.

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