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Would You Move to Richmond Hill For a Built-In Pizza Oven?

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[Photo via Jimmy Molloy]

If you're a city dweller who rarely ventures north of Eglinton, you might miss out on some incredible properties like this one, a four-bedroom house asking $3.4 million. Designed by architect Bruce Kuwabara, the house at 92 Westwood Lane features over 5,000 square feet of open space, cultivated gardens and courtyard and tranquility away from the noise of downtown. Built in 1991 for sculpture Stephen Jenkinson and his writer wife, Dolly Reisman, the house is a rare design for Kuwabara who mainly does commercial and public projects. The property was conceived as four separate structures; a sculpture studio, the bedroom wing with writing studio, and the main room with kitchen and living space. The backyard features several private sitting areas, a guest cabana, and its own water feature, probably used for a school of exotic fish. The inside isn't so terrible either. With a span of almost 38 feet in the combined living/dining area, you could host a dinner party or banquet comfortably for 80 of your closest friends. The kitchen includes a built-in pizza oven and the main floor seating area has an incredible view of the lush backyard. The TV in the basement could double as a mini movie theatre and the master bathroom includes an awesome sunken bathtub.

Many Torontontians are moving north for additional space and cheaper housing prices (this house price excluded). For people who work downtown, it's still a trek to the city with the commuter train, subway and buses as your option. From Richmond Hill, it could take you close to two hours to travel downtown, even by car during rush hour. With a property like this, why ever leave the house anyways?

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