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Toronto is The "Most Youthful City," Despite Immature Mayor

This week, Toronto was named 'most youthful' city in the world, according to data collected by YouthfulCities, followed by Berlin, New York, Dallas, and Paris. YouthfulCities ranks the world's top cities from a youth perspective, and looks at categories such as diversity, public space, transportation and affordability to employment and political participation. "Toronto is a city that's amongst the most diverse in the world," says Robert Barnard, cofounder of Youthful Cities. "It's got a great film and music scene and it's on the leading edge of things like digital access. On an economic standpoint, it's a pretty good place even up against its American competition." We all might agree it's nice to get some positive publicity for a change thanks to our adventurous mayor and his alleged crack scandal. Does our great city deserve the title of "most youthful" city? Here's what Torontonians had to say about that around the web.

· @mcguffindavid Insert #RobFord joke here RT @TorontoStar: Toronto named "Youthful City of the Year," edging out Berlin and New York.

· Toronto based research company calls Toronto "most youthful"? What does that even mean? Was there a complete lack of real news today?

· Wonder if it has anything to do with its immature mayor.
· I can't help but state that I think my city is kind of lame. Our subway system is a joke. Last call at 2:00am is brutal (although I realize this is common throughout Canada), it completely kills the night scene.

· On the positive side, Toronto is where it's at! Surrounded by the Great Lake, this is the best place to be today.

Who won the title of "least youthful city?" Coming in last place was Shanghai, Cairo, Manila, Lagos, and Nairobi.
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