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Should Casa Loma's Tunnel Turn Into an Art Gallery?

In its time, Casa Loma has been a nightclub, a hotel, a sonar research station, and frequently a movie set. Most recently, under management of the Kiwanis Club, the mansion's been a straight-up tourist attraction that sees a quarter-million visitors through its doors annually.

But Casa Loma's tourism revenue has never been enough to pay for the building's considerable operating costs. Last year the City of Toronto took back control from Kiwanis, issuing an RFP in hope of finding an operator with a greater vision (and deeper pockets) for the landmark. They may have found one in the Liberty Entertainment Group, who plan to convert Casa Loma into a multi-purpose complex containing a restaurant and special-event spaces, as well as 'a museum of Toronto that explores history through revolving exhibits that will change on a quarterly basis.' One intriguing proposition would turn Casa Loma's underground tunnel into an art gallery dedicated to Toronto's less-cheerful side, focusing on 'the underbelly of Toronto, the Depression, the Great Fire, criminals and negative stuff.' (No mention of local politicians.) What would you do with Casa Loma?

↑ Filming of The Skulls with Joshua Jackson inside Casa Loma.

↑Scenes from The Skulls were also filmed at the University of Toronto.
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