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Staying on The Toronto Island, No Ferry Line-Up!

If you're looking for a weekend winter getaway, our very own Toronto Island offers nightly accommodations and exclusive bed and breakfast. If you're seeking a weekend filled with skiing, skating and snowboarding, go up north. If you want to stay indoors and hibernate by a crackling fire while watching movies and drinking hot chocolate, then check out the island. The perks of visiting the island in the colder months? It feels like you're staying on your own private island, it's only a hop, skip and a boat ride back to civilization and there's no long wait time for the ferry. Want to live on the Island? That's a difficult task because the actual land is owned by the city and cottage "owners" have a 99 year lease on their property. To reside there, there's also a lengthy application process along with a wait list. According to the website, the average house price ranges from $200,000 - $400,000.

↑ The "Boathouse" is a tiny apartment with wireless and TV on Ward's Island. It looks like a cozy unit and to maximize space, the owners put the washing machine inside the kitchen. Available year-round starting at $150 per night.

↑ Next up is year-round B&B on Ward's Island. There are no inside photos but the cottage exterior looks adorable. The cost is $100 per night for two people.

This B&B is like a peaceful getaway on Algonquin Island. The house even looks cozy covered in snow and the breakfast serving up eggs, bacon and fruit feels very homey on a quiet Saturday morning. From $120 per night.

↑ Here's another cute B&B on Algonquin Island with private entrance and washroom. Priced at $115 nightly.

↑ The "Smiley B&B" on Algonquin Island offers two types of lodging; a cozy bedroom or a two level studio apartment. Guests must love dogs; Timmy the poodle (the owner's pet) likes to hang out around the property. The bedroom is $100 per night and $250 for the studio (studio only available to October).

↑ Last up is affectionally named the "Roosters Rest" located on Algonquin Island. It's a large studio apartment with long term winter rentals available. We'd show you more photos but there's only pictures of a chair and a sink. Starting around $100 plus.
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