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What Are They Watching on TV in These Craigslist Photos?

Here's a Craigslist feature we're affectionately calling, "Guess what their watching on TV in these rental ads." Here are a few Craigslist photos where the roommate or owner left the television on while they snapped the photo. Leave your guesses in the comments below or tweet them out using hashtag #craigslistpowerhour.

↑ What are they watching: From the buildings in the background, we're guessing the owners were watching an American news report. Rental Details: 2 BR/2 BA near Fort York, $2,220 monthly

↑ What are they watching: This one we're guessing a TV drama or a news report about Mayor Rob Ford at city hall. There's a lump in the bed, perhaps someone was too lazy to move while the photo was taken. Rental Details: Room rental in Leslieville, $500 monthly

↑ What are they watching: At first glance, we almost guessed the movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. We're going with a made-for-TV movie and we hope that snazzy bathroom floor mat is included with the rental. Rental Details: Furnished room on Weston Road, price not listed

↑ What are they watching: It looks like a New York taxi cab so we're guessing a daytime TV drama (the photo was taken during daylight hours). Rental Details: Roommate wanted in a fully furnished house near Bayview and Sheppard, $800 monthly
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