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When Possibly Good Rentals Have Downright Scary Photos

Welcome to the Craigslist WTF? edition. We've scoured the site to bring you the ugly, the weird and the just plain confusing rentals photos. Have a strange Craigslist photo? Email it to, or tweet it out using hashtag #craigslistpowerhour.

↑ A red sparkly kitchen where you can play video games on the wall.

↑ At first glance, here's one scary looking kitchen. The photo is a little less frightening when you find out it's actually an artist studio.

↑ It's alway bad news when your bed blocks the door or maybe that's the closest. Where's the emergency exit?

↑ Here's a spacious 1 bedroom at Bathurst and King. Must like pizza and rodents.

Feline-friendly rental at Bloor and Dovercourt. Must share bed with cat.
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