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What You Could Rent in Toronto, November 1983

[Photo via Globe Archives]

Today we travel back in time to November 1983 to see what you could rent in Toronto. Some properties to take note of in this 1980s Globe and Mail ad, include the newly constructed Village by the Grange in close proximity to the Art Gallery of Ontario, Chinatown and on-site shops and restaurants including Ginsberg and Wong, serving up Jewish delicatessen and Chinese food. The Humberview Towers on Kipling were renting two bedroom units for $500 per month and a building downtown walkable to the Eaton Centre rented luxury two and three bedrooms for $695 monthly. Also found in the ad is the Maples complex on Carlton Street which features individually climate controlled suites and exercise facilities. For music fans, the popular group Genesis was playing at Maple Leaf Gardens that weekend.
· Renters Week 2013 [Curbed Toronto]