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BIG REVEAL: The Silver Rolls-Royce Belongs to...

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Yesterday, we asked you why a 1975 silver Rolls-Royce is parked in Honest Ed's underground lot. The car, which hasn't moved in weeks, has no front licence plate or paid parking tickets. Some thought the car belonged to the late Ed Mirvish or his son, David. Another guessed Harry Stinson, real estate developer and someone else thought the car was a hideout for Mayor Rob Ford. The correct answer is none of the above. The car actually belongs to George Randolph, founder of the Randolph Academy located at the 736 Bathurst Street, the theatre near Bathurst and Bloor.

Randolph tell us "several years ago, an eccentric gentleman donated his 1975 Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce to the school. It was barely drivable and in need of many, many repairs. He needed a tax receipt because of a divorce he was going through. This (car) has been a labour of love for me to restore it to a decent condition. The goal is one day to be able to auction it off as a fundraiser for the school. There was a period of about three years that the car never moved but this year it has moved several times." Randolph also comments about the recent sale of Honest Ed's saying, "the sale of Mirvish Village won't affect my academy. The building, the church, is a designated historical site and not part of the village."

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