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It's The Eater Awards! And a Launch Party!

PARTYTIME!— Celebrate the launch of Curbed and Eater Toronto on Monday November 25 at the Drake Hotel with Ivy Knight and 86'D! Come and eat, drink and meet the team!

EATER AWARDS— On Monday November 18 we will be announcing the 2013 (and Toronto's first) Eater Awards! All week we've been putting our nominees to the test in five categories: Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year, Bartender of the Year, So Hot Right Now and Stone Cold Stunner. Here's a taste of what Eater readers have been voting for.

KING WEST— Two of Toronto's beloved restaurants are joining forces to open side-by-side shops: Porchetta & Co and Pizzeria Libretto. The sister restos will be located on King West between Spadina and Bathurst.

QUEEN EASTRock Lobster owner Matt Dean Pettit is opening a country bar in the east end called Boots & Bourbon Saloon.

ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICTenRoute Magazine celebrated their Best New Restaurants in Canada with a party at STORYS on November 12. Check out Eater's Hangover Observations the day after. Toronto's Bar Isabel took first place. Momofuku Shoto came in second, and Parkdale's Electric Mud BBQ came 10th.

TORONTO— The City's health department doled out their DineSafe Report cards this week, and U of T favourite, Red Room on Spadina, got a yellow conditional pass. Miyako Sushi on Marlee got a red and had to close.