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Why is This Rolls-Royce Parked in Honest Ed's Underground Lot?

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There's a mysterious Rolls-Royce parked in the Honest Ed's underground parking lot at Bathurst and Bloor Street. The 1975 silver Rolls-Royce with missing licence plate and no parking ticket hasn't moved from its spot in several weeks. Readers are wondering who owns this car and why is it parked in the underground lot? Some speculate the car was owned by the late Ed Mirvish and the car remains unused after his death. Another reader thought the car was used in a former Mirvish theatre production.

Torontonians who frequent the massive retail store might be surprised to learn that Honest Ed's even offers underground parking. Typically, customers walk or take transit before driving to the area. The back of the recently sold property features a paid lot and a rarely used two-level underground parking garage. We found out the Rolls-Royce has been sitting in the lot for years and there was a period of about three years that the car never moved. Who do you think the car belongs to? Check back tomorrow for the answer!

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