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Cocktail Week 2013

TORONTO— It's Cocktail Week over on Eater and we are celebrating our favourite libations and the places we go to imbibe. Some of the features we have planned include:
· Cocktail Heat Map, showing where the hottest bars and newest restaurants are in the city serving up the coolest cocktails right now (Monday)
· An Interview With a Lifer, featuring one of Toronto's longtime libation legends (Tuesday)
· Cocktail Confidential, where we ask some of the top bartenders in the city where they go to sip on the delicious concoctions of their peers (Wednesday)
· Hangover Power Hour, a burst of posts on everyone's favourite hangover cure: brunch (Thursday)
· Happy Hour Map, helping you find your way to some cinq a sept after work to release stress and save cash (Friday)

YORKVILLE— Bartender Joe Gomes has been at the Park Hyatt's Roof Lounge since 1959. He is a living legend and Eater got to know him in this Lifer interview.

DUNDAS WEST— We asked some of the city's top bartenders where they go to drink (when they're not working) and it turns out they're all going to Churchill.

TORONTO— Thursday's Hangover Power Hour focuses on everyone's favourite hangover cure: brunch! Oh and everyone's favourite brunch bevvy: the Caesar!

TORONTO— There's a war going on right now between Canada and the US and it's about seals. A group of US chefs has promoted a boycott of all Canadian seafood over their stance against traditional seal hunting and seal meat consumption. A lot of people are pissed off.

[Joe Gomes/Canadian Restaurant News]