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Vaughan Bungalow with Backyard Retreat, Asking $5M

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[Photo via 480Stephanie]

Another Vaughan mansion on the market and it's starting to feel like an episode of Real Housewives of Vaughan. The house at 480 Stephanie Boulevard is just two minutes north of the Château de Versailles palace on 90 Rocmary Place but much less The owners are asking "only" $4,998,000 for the 5,900 square foot bungalow, unlike the Rocmary property listed for $17 million. The five bedroom house has seven bathrooms, two kitchens, nanny suite and all the glitz and glam you'd expect from a luxury home. The backyard is pretty incredible, not surprising since the owner's husband builds parks for the city. The exterior features two salt water pools, multi-level terraces, and an oversized cabana with pizza oven. Although we couldn't see it, the agent says there is also a gargoyle sculpture on the front exterior of the house. Bonus!

By the way, CBC took a tour of the Versailles de Vaughan house this week and shared a photo of the house's legendary Ferrari room. Take a look if you're not sick of the story yet.

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