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Low Key Celeb Rachel McAdams' Annex Home

Actress Rachel McAdams has made it no secret that she loves her Toronto home. Living a relatively simple life in her South Annex neighbourhood, the lovely star of the Notebook doesn't own a car and travels around the streets in her cute little bicycle with basket and horn.

While McAdams' house is not currently on sale, we can share some insider details about her simple house in the neighbourhood. Along with her younger brother, Rachel McAdams lives in a semi-detached Victorian-style house with an extension in the back. Like many other homes on the street, the house was built in the late 1800s and renovated over time. Her front lawn has some fabulous wild grasses, and although bike theft is prominent in the city, there's often a bike parked out front. Seems that Toronto celebrity abodes aren't exempt from graffiti, McAdams' garage door has been tagged. The house also features a private backyard rooftop patio where her famous ex-boyfriends probably enjoyed the city view.

McAdams was once next door neighbours with a CBC news anchor whose semi, a characteristically bay and gable style Victorian with sloping floors, sold over five years ago. House prices in the neighbourhood typically start at $750,000 for a fixer-upper.

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