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UPDATE: Château de Vaughan Has a Ferrari Room

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[Photo via Curbed Toronto]

Last week Curbed Toronto featured this gold-plated Château listed for $17M in Vaughan, Ontario. The 24,000 square foot property located in the "Bridle Path of Vaughan" has six bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, parking for 30 cars and could fit Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre into its elaborate foyer.

To continue the story of Versailles meets Vaughan, Ontario, Curbed has learned that the owners, husband and wife entrepreneurs, designed their dream home to resemble the Palace of Versailles for their wedding last year. It took five years to complete as the couple did much of the design work themselves and naturally, building a heated Ferrari room is no easy task. While the property certainly has a European flair comparing it to Versailles might be a bit of an overstatement especially when, in a strange and contradictory fashion, the couple had a Venetian-themed wedding on the grounds. Look out Casa Loma, the agent has already fielded inquiries from future brides.

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