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Mirvish Gung-Ho On Demo To Build Gehry Condos

Theatre impresario, David Mirvish, is heading to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) in attempts to save his proposed condo development in collaboration with architect Frank Gehry. The Mirvish+Gehry proposal on King Street will include a trio of towers, eighty storeys high, a public gallery to display Mirvish's art collection and new space for Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) students.

The proposed plans will also include demolition of the Princess of Wales Theatre and surrounding heritage warehouses which now occupy commercial space. Torontonians will fondly remember these heritage sites that once housed Honest Ed's restaurants including Ed's Warehouse with mandatory jacket and tie and served the finest prime rib dinner for $4.95.

With the City and Mirvish not able to come to an agreement on the scope of the project, the fate of the project will be in the hands of the OMB. If the board sides with the city the project could be scrapped. As we countdown to the showdown between Mirvish and the city with OMB in early 2014, we'll make sure that our suit and tie are ready to go.

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