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Mansion Listed For $23M Can't Sell, Now Goes to Auction

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[Photo via Barry Cohen]

A Bridle Path mansion that wouldn't sell for $23 million is now going up for auction. The owners weren't able to finish renovations to the 27,000 square foot property, now owned by the bank. The house is being referred to as a "Palace of Versailles influenced by Louis XIV era and the Palladian styles of Europe," which is a little reminicent of another so-called Versailles knock-off in Vaughan. This Versailles mansion features eight bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, his and her closets, home theatre, elevator, indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Lately, we've seen a few properties on auction including this $1 million dollar plus suite from the Trump Tower hotel that only received a minimum bid of $550,000.

Some exquisite and quotable Brokerbabble:
"The exterior of the Bridle Path Estate features custom-designed cartouches, friezes, emblems, two-storey fluted pilasters with projecting Corinthian capitals, ornate brackets and laurel leaf corbels. Elaborate rosette coffers adorn the front portico ceiling, and substantial, 30-foot-tall Corinthian columns support the canopy. Custom cornice ornamentation, framed wall panels and window arches with prominent keystones enhance the facade." · Most Expensive Homes in Toronto [Curbed Toronto]
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