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Shangri-La's Most Expensive Hotel Suite, $10K Per Night

Welcome to Curbed Toronto's luxury hotel series where we take a peek inside some of Toronto's most expensive (and awesome) hotel rooms. Our first stop is the Shangri-La Hotel on University Avenue.

[Photo via Shangri-La]

The most expensive hotel room in Toronto's luxury Shangri-La Hotel is $10K per night. Opened in September 2012, the hotel at 188 University Ave. is a celebrity hot spot with parties and rooms fully booked during Toronto's International Film Festival. The hotel is a popular food destination with Momofuku's Noodle Bar and Milk Bar as well as the piano bar in the lounge. Chinese sculptor Zhang Huan designed the eye-catching stainless steel sculpture, "Rising," showcased outside the hotel.

What do you get for $10K a night? Here's the room description:
"At 2,200 square feet, the Shangri-La suite includes a Moon Gate entrance to the master bedroom, a focal point of the room, a living room, dining room, including a Chinese dining table Italian crystal chandelier. The Shangri-La Suite offers a pantry with a private butler's entrance." Westbank Corp., the developer for the Shangri-La Hotels in Toronto and Vancouver, is also the newly announced owner of Mirvish Village including Honest Ed's.

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