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"Vancouver Developer Buys Honest Ed's," According to Sources

Earlier today, Curbed Toronto broke the news about the rumoured sale of Honest Ed's at Bathurst and Bloor Street. The unconfirmed buyer is said to be Vancouver developer, Westbank Corporation. Tim Grant, chairman of the Harbord Village Residents' Association, writes about the purchase of Honest Ed's in his November 2013 village newsletter. From the newsletter: "A Vancouver developer just purchased the Mirvish Block, at Bathurst and Bloor Street that includes Honest Ed's, and plans to develop the site in a few years. Our challenge will be to ensure that whatever development occurs on these sites strengthens the neighbourhood."

Honest Ed's general manager, Russell Lazar, wouldn't comment or confirm the story. Curbed Toronto has included a scanned copy of the newsletter below.

· Has Honest Ed's Been Sold to a Vancouver Developer? [Curbed Toronto]