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Wowza! A Work of Art is Hitting Richmond Street

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[Photo via Monarch Group]

Construction is underway on the new Picasso Condos on Richmond Street near Spadina Avenue. The thirty-nine storey building, with prices starting at $300,000, is a standout condo on Richmond Street with its lively red and white cube exterior, the design resembling a "work of art," hence the name. The developer, The Goldman Group, is very confident that Torontonians will love the new building. "I don't think there's a white residential building downtown with splashes of colour," Murray Goldman tells the National Post. "The Picasso Condos will be the most artistic building, the most beautiful-looking building downtown." The new high-rise features 400 units with sizes ranging from 450 to 1,200 square feet. Occupancy is slated for spring 2015.

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