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Pile of Dirt Transforming To Modern Dwelling Sells For $357K

[Photo via Paul Johnston]

This permit-ready plot of land on Craven Road, otherwise known as "tiny town" was listed for $369,000 and sold in 30 days for $357,000. The street is characterized by compact, narrow homes just under 500 square feet, with many houses rebuilt over the years. When listed, the property was just a pile of dirt and weeds with plans and permits in place to construct a detached house near Coxwell and Danforth Avenue. The agent tells us the owner spent years designing the home, obtaining the approvals to build but later decided they no longer needed the land.

The new site is "shovel ready," according to the agent, and includes plans for a 1,730 square foot two bedroom on a lot size of 25 X 83 feet. Obtaining permits to build in the city can be a lengthy process and having plans already approved by the Committee of Adjustment, is a real plus.

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