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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Curbed Toronto!

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Curbed has finally arrived in Canada. Known for its original reporting, real estate porn, and development dirt, the Curbed network of blogs expands across international borders with today's touch down of Curbed Toronto.

We're here to dish out the latest neighbourhood "timbits", and explore the mighty streets of our fantastic city. Together we'll show the world what's happening in this fine city we call home from Canada's Tallest Condo tower at College Park, to a mini house without a toilet, to a cat hoarding neighbour in the Beach. There's no story too small, too strange or too weird from your neighbourhood to the world.

Curbed Toronto is excited to be part of the network of sixteen existing Curbed blogs; we are joined this launch day by fellow brand new Canadian site, Curbed Vancouver. Our sister site, Eater, also grows today with the launches of Eater Toronto, Eater Vancouver, and Eater Montreal.

So here's a little about me, the editor of Curbed Toronto, Alana Charles. I live in the downtown area where I recently renovated my house. I walk or bike almost everywhere, shop for groceries in Kensington Market, and can be found most mornings grabbing a latte at my local coffee shop.

We want your tips! Hit up our tipline — — if you come across anything you think we want to know. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We're new. We need some followers.