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Luddite Listings at Carlaw and Eastern Avenue

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Land assemblies for redevelopment purposes in the city are quite common; however, hand drawn site plans are a rarity in this age of technology. This next real estate listing with attached hand drawn plan is somewhat confusing. In addition, the math on the listing is also wrong with an additional 1,450 square feet added to the total area, that's what you get without a calculator. While we would have expected the agent to highlight the prime development potential, there are very few property details available.

Despite an abundance of mid-rise developments on Carlaw Avenue north of Queen Street, the group of properties listed for $600,000 each are bordered by single family homes and low-rise commercial properties. This could present a challenge for a developer seeking to redevelop the land with condos. Should the agent still get her commission for this real estate work for art?

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