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City of Newmarket Offers House For Free, One Condition

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What/Where: One-and-a-half storey dwelling near Yonge and Main Street in Newmarket. The owners are listing the property free of charge.
A free house? Looks intriguing, Right? Built in 1803 and then moved to its current location in 1874, the city of Newmarket is offering the historic Murray House for free. Owned by generations of the Murray family, one of the first families in Newmarket, this house has witnessed the Great Depression and two World Wars. The dwelling with gable roof is covered in brick veneer and is situated on a stone rubble foundation.

The catch: Why is this house for free?

The historic house is not really free. Heritage Newmarket is trying to save the Murray House from demolition and the owner, who also owns Newmarket's Tannery Mall, is offering the home free of charge IF the buyer relocates or moves the home to an off-site property at their own expense. The owner is offering $30,000 towards the move if done prior to December 1. Moving the property could cost $70,000 depending on its new location.
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