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Art Deco Replaced by Glass Box at Women's College Hospital

[Photo via UrbanTO]

If you're on College Street, check out the demolition happening at the site of Women's College Hospital (WCH) between University Avenue and Bay Street, where half the building has been gutted. The original building is currently being torn down and expanded to make way for a new 630,000 square foot facility that will be "Ontario's first and only stand-alone academic ambulatory care hospital," allowing for clinics and patient care in one location. The new glass facade with the pink glow is an upgrade from the aged 1930s building on Grenville Street. Not everyone is happy about the WCH redevelopment. One Urban Toronto commenter said, "this demolition is absolutely BARBARIC. How the city prioritizes antiquated shadowing over preservation is beyond me." Another person had mixed feelings about the tear down commenting that "this might be a depression era building but it was bleak, barebones and stark; obviously built on a very low budget." The expected completion date for the site is 2015.

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